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    Anthony Georgieff; Dimana Trankova
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    Free Speech International
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Bridges built by the Devil himself and caves that lead to his Underworld. Hidden treasures of gold and extraterrestrial landing pads. Flowers born from tears and unworldly music that flies into outer space. Gigantic reservoirs designed to be used as a weapon in case of war. Whole towns carved out of rock... the Rhodope is a mountain range where legends come naturally and the truth sometimes feels unreal.

With its landscapes that range from the dramatic to the idyllic, traditional villages and meandering rivers, archaeological sites and shrines, festivals and food, the Rhodope, situated in Bulgaria's south, is a must for every traveller seeking authentic experiences.

With its stunning photographs and erudite storytelling, A Guide to the Rhodope is both an inspiration for travel and an indispensable companion to anyone who wants to understand the Rhodope, its past and its present, its people and its nature, its heritage and its troubles beyond the Instagram-perfect scenery.

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