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    Dimana Trankova, Miglena Stamberova, Anthony Georgieff
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    Free Speech International
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New, revised and updated edition

About 4,000 years ago the lands of modern Bulgaria were inhabited by people who built fortifications and cities, buried their dead in monumental tombs, drank wine from gold and silver cups, and warred, traded and did politics with the ancient Greeks and Romans, with the Persians and the ancient Macedonians.

Who were these people? What do we know about them?

This book will take you to each and every place related to the Thracians, a mysterious nation that had no written language but that left behind a lot of marvellous heritage. It will guide you from their rock niches in the Rhodope to the richly decorated royal tombs around Kazanlak, and from the dolmens in the Strandzha to the museums housing all their incredible golden treasures. Richly illustrated and easy-to-read, A Guide to Thracian Bulgaria is your indispensable guide to this country's multitude of Thracian legacies.

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