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    Dimana Trankova, Anthony Georgieff
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    Free Speech International
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    Hard covers
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Bulgaria of the Religions is a high-quality volume written to the highest standards of producing a guide book, with positive attitude towards the different religions, knowledge of history and love for culture and its religious background. The book perfectly serves the purpose of introducing Bulgaria's religious heritage to the outsider. The rich and creative illustrative material, the high standard of research, the range of topics and the interdisciplinary approach makes the volume both informative and entertaining. It covers subjects as varied as archaeology, architecture and the art of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the other faiths in today's Bulgaria. Pre-Christian beliefs, including those of the ancient Thracians, are also covered, and so are several modern mystic faiths, the closest Bulgaria has to New Age beliefs. The book will entertain and also enrich the general knowledge of any traveller to Bulgaria.

Radko S. Popov

Former journalist, BBC/World Service

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