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    Dimana Trankova; Anthony Georgieff
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    Free Speech International
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    230 mm x 210 mm
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An enchanting and fascinating collection of travelogues, this book opens up the gateways to what is Europe's least known country. It focuses on sites and events that no other guidebook about Bulgaria touches upon: the Communist-era Flying Saucer on Mount Buzludzha, the Gypsy Brides' Market at Stara Zagora, a traditional wedding in Ribnovo. It also offers detailed travel descriptions of the Bulgarian stretch of the Danube Rover and the Black Sea Coast. Some of the country's highlights, like Rila Monastery, are looked at from a fresh standpoint, but most of the material concerns off-off-off-the-beaten track places that even few locals know much about. Superb, erudite and witty writing and first-class photography. A must-read for anyone even remotely interested in Southeastern Europe in general and Bulgaria in particular.

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